Training Your Brain: Developing Mental Fitness - EP 26 w/ SportPsychMDs (Torrey Troggio & Armin Hoes)

As athletes, we spend large portions of our time training our bodies' ability to perform well- our physical fitness- to perfection. But mental fitness can play just as large a role as a well-trained body in athletic success. After all, a good arm is nothing if you freeze up right before the critical moment. What constitutes a mentally fit attitude, especially for student-athletes? In this episode, we dive into this question with psychiatrists Torey Troggio and Armin Hoes of Sports Psych MDs. They discuss some individual components of mental fitness, pass on some sage advice, and even analyze the playing styles of current NBA athletes. 

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0:00-4:26 = Introduction of Guest Speakers T

4:26-8:16 = Lessons Learned from Sports

8:16-10:23 = For the Kids: What is Psychiatry?

10:23-14:24 = Athletes and Mental Fitness

14:24-15:28 = Mental Fitness as a Dynamic Process

15:28-20:03 = Components of Mental Fitness: Resilience and Balance

20:03-22:44 = Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

22:44-24:19 = Specific Examples of Good Leadership

24:19-29:18 = Torey and Armin's Mental Fitness Program

29:18-31:47 = The Importance of Mental Flexibility

31:47-37:04 = How Staying Grateful Makes You a Better Athlete

37:04-38:30 = The X Factor

38:30-42:22 = Torey and Armin's Best Advice for Young Athletes

42:22-44:45 = A More In-Depth Explanation of Psychiatry

44:45-45:37 = Torey's Last Words of Advice

45:37-46:32 = Outro

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