The Sport-Mind Avenue Podcast: Le'veon Bell Controversy, MLB's Sticky Situation, And A New NBA Draft

In today's episode, former Steelers, Jets, and Chiefs running back Le'veon Bell is speaking out against the Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Is Le'veon Bell having mental issues with his brain, as this has not been the first time Bell has said something negative about his coach or teammates? Bell recently talked about how we were upset about his carries in the playoffs, and Bell stated he would rather retire than play for Reid. We will then get into the NBA playoffs. As we are well into the second round of the playoffs, the red-hot Phoenix Suns have already eliminated the Denver Nuggets as that has happened controversies happened following the NBA'S MVP Nikola Jokic getting ejected in the elimination game and Chris Paul going on the COVID protocol leaving Paul's playing status for the next round in jeopardy. Rumors have been swirling that Chris Paul is on COVID protocols because the NBA is trying to make it fair since Jokic got ejected in game 4. We will see in the next week whether CP3 will be eligible to play or not. The Jazz and Clippers series is heating up as Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George looks to save their legacies and try to beat the small market Utah Jazz as Donavon Mitchell is trying to steal the show, trying to prove everyone wrong as well. The series is tied at 2-2 while the Clippers were down 2-0. Kawhi Leonard is now out with an injury in which Paul George needs to show up big for the Clippers to beat the Jazz. Can Tre Young and the Hawks upset the one number one seeded Sixers? The Hawks vs. Sixers series is now evened up at 2-2 as the Sixers look to win game five and defend their home court. Young looks to carry a Hawks team who went through much adversity midseason and not expected to make it this far.

In soccer news, the Euros have been kicking off the last week, but there was a scare last Saturday as Danish star Christian Erikson collapsed on the field with no contact at all. People still do not know how Erikson collapsed, and this shows how anything can happen to you. Erikson is in peak form shape and still had a heart attack. We will talk about how close Erikson was to dying and discuss how ESPN should have handled it. In 2021 baseball has gone from being a batters game to a pitchers game, but why is it? In the last week, the MLB has cracked down on both minor and major league pitchers to see if their using a material called spider tack, which helps glue bricks and rocks when people are constructing buildings. Star pitchers such as New York Yankees Garrett Cole and Tyler Glasgow have been accused of using this sticky tack. Next week, the MLB will be cracking down on the substance as the sticky tack gives the pitchers an unfair advantage with the ball as it gives it a faster spin rate on the pitch. It makes it harder for the batters to be able to read the ball. In the end, we will draft a player from each decade being from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 2000s, and 2010s. Jonny, Elliott, and Ben will have six picks and choose a player from each decade. Stay tuned, and please listen!

0:27-1:17= Intro

1:17-11:53= Le'veon Bell Problems

11:53-29:23= NBA Playoff Talk

29:23-33:55= Christian Erikson Almost Dies on the Field

33:55-43:38= Pitchers Using Spider Tack

43:38-56:06= NBA All-TIme Team Draft


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