The Sport-Mind Avenue Podcast Episode 9: Pitcher Checks, Free Agency Thoughts, and Massive NCAA News

Jonny, Elliott, and Ben talk more about the NBA playoffs in today's episode as the Milwaukee Bucks upset the injured Brooklyn Nets in game 7. Kevin Durant could not carry the Nets by himself as we will explore more into how Giannis and the Bucks were able to beat the Nets. In the other Eastern Conference series, Tre Young was able to go into hostile Philly and beat the Sixers. Sixers point guard Ben Simmons is to be blamed as he was scared to shoot in the most significant moments. We will go further into Simmons's mental game and explore why he has not been confident on the court. Tre Young, who had a down game in game 7, the Hawks were still able to pull it out, and that brings the question, did Ben Simmons play his last game as a Sixer. We will explore why Ben Simmons is scared to shoot and talk about what's wrong with Simmons. In the Western Conference, we will debate whether Devin Booker is the next Kobe Bryant and speak if the red hot Phoenix Suns can take it all the way. It has looked like Paul George has ended his playoff curse in another series, and we will talk about if the Clippers have a chance against the Suns.

After Ben talked about using spider tack in the MLB, we will go further into it as the MLB is now checking every pitcher for spider tack and making sure no one is using it. Are pitchers going to perform worse now? That's the question we have been all asking, and we will see in the next few months whether we will be hits now because of the crackdown with spider tack. In other news, the summer of 2021 is already here, and Jonny will ask Elliott and Ben were the most extensive free agents in sports from the NFL, NBA, and MLB in the next couple of months. Ben's Breakdown will dive into the win for NCAA athletes and explain why it was. So many NCAA athletes have been treated unfairly in past years, and the NCAA has now been corrupt for many years. Ben will go further in and talk about how it is suitable for everyone that NCAA was finally punished for their actions. The last topic the boys will go into is a fantasy draft as Jonny, Elliott, and Ben; we pick six plays which were the biggest busts in the pros.

Intro= 0:27-2:20

Bucks Beat The Nets= 2:20-6:52

Tre Young And The Hawks Beat The Sixers= 6:52-8:15

Ben Simmons Can't Shoot And His Mental State= 8:15-17:47

Jazz Are Eliminated and Suns Look Unstoppable = 17:47-21:40

Is Devin Booker The Next Kobe= 21:40-24:50

MLB Cracking Down on Spider Tack= 24:50-33:00

NFL, MLB, And NHL Free Agency Predictions= 33:00- 54:00

Ben's Breakdown (NCAA Loses): 54:00-1:03:08

Fantasy Draft For Biggest Busts In Pros: 1:03:08-1:15:25


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