The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 18: MLB Playoff Recap, NBA Season Preview, and NFL Story Breakdown

In Today's episode of the Sports Mind Avenue Podcast, the boys will recap the MLB playoffs and talk about all the series that have led up to the World Series. The biggest one is the Boston Red Sox making it to the ALCS and Johnny's Yankees. They will preview the Braves vs. Astros World Series as both teams come in red hot off their series wins.

The 2021-22 NBA season is on the way, and Bucks look to defend their title. The boys will talk about all the NBA Finals' favorites and preview the season. They will then analyze the All NBA 75 team as players like Dwight Howard got snubbed. Is Dwight Howard a top 75 player? Find out next.

Lastly, we will recap the NFL season as week 8 approaches many surprises like the Cardinals and Bengals, who stand atop their conferences.

Intro: 0:27-1:46

Ben and Elliott Roast Johnny Over as the Red Sox Defeated the Yankees in Wild Card Game: 1:46-4:25

MLB Playoff Recap So Far: 4:25-14:05

NBA All-Time 75 Team: 14:05-35:15

NBA Season Begins: 35:15-44:55

Ben Simmons Walks Out of Practice: 44:55-47:37

Kyrie Irving Refuses to Get Vaccinated: 47:37-49:25

NFL Recap: 49:25-1:05:00

Urban Meyer Cheating on His Wife? 1:05:00-1:09:31

Jon Gruden Done Do to Offensive Comments: 1:09:31-1:22:30


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