The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 16: The Football Episode and MLB Playoff Update

In Today's Episode, the boys will recap a full week of both NFL and college football. They will first talk about the goods and bads of teams and players from week 1 in the NFL. Mondo will get to roast Ben and Elliott about the Dolphins beating the Patriots. There was a record of nine underdog wins in week 1 from that being the Bengals, Texans, Steelers, and Raiders are some of the teams that got the job done.

The boys will preview the big game this week in college football news as #1 Alabama vs. #11 Florida will face off in the swamp this weekend. Ben will also get to boast about his Hawkeyes, who are #5 in the country after beating both Indiana and Iowa State the first two weeks. They talk about some emerging teams like Oregon, who just knocked off Ohio State on their field, and Georgia beating Clemson in the first week. He will go over the MLB playoff race in Bens's breakdown as the Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Yankees are tied for the two wild-card spots this week. TJ Watt became the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history with a $112 million contract for four years. And finally, the boys will talk about their fantasy football teams.

Intro: 0:27-2:45

NFL Week 1 recap: Mondo’s Dolphins Beat The Pats: 2:45-5:45

Steelers D Shines Versus Bills: 5:45-7:25

Bengals Win OT Versus Vikings: 7:25-8:40

Trevor Lawrence Struggles In Debut: 8:40-11:53

Niners Almost Collapse Versus Lions: 11:53-15:55

Matthew Stafford Shines In LA: 15:55:19:05 Tom Brady Will Never Age: 19:05-21:30

NFC West Is Loaded: 21:30-22:45

Browns Doing Browns Things: 22:45-25:00

Raiders Beat Ravens In Arguably Game Of The Year: 25:00-27:50

Does Aaron Rodgers Care About Football: 27:50-33:05

NCAA Football Recap of Weeks 1 & 2, And Preview Of Week 3: 33:05-49:30

(Bens Breakdown) MLB Playoffs: 49:30-53:40

TJ Watt’s Max Extension: 53:40-54:35

Player Of The Week For The NFL: 54:35-57:25

The Boys Analyze Their Fantasy Football Teams: 57:25- 1:10:56


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