The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 15: Fire Alarm Issues, Conference Alliances, and MLB Playoff Push

In Today's episode, the boys talk about the alliance with the Big Ten, Big 12, and SEC as they discuss whether this is good or bad for the NCAA and college sports. In baseball news, we are now one month away from October, and the MLB playoff race is heating up in both leagues as teams like the Yankees and Braves are cooking while the Red Sox and Mets have slipped from previous spots in the standings. Johnny will get to go off on Ben and Elliott, who have roasted Johnny in prior episodes this summer.

In Bens's breakdown, he will discuss the final week of preseason in the NFL as the regular season is just weeks away. Many teams will go into the season with new starting new QB's and some of them being rookies from the first draft round. Ben will also preview the first week of college football as it starts this weekend. Finally, the week's most prominent global sports news is Cristiano Ronaldo getting transferred to Manchester United, the old team he played for when he first started in the pros.

Intro= 0:27-3:57

Big Ten, Big 12, and SEC= 3:57-14:40

MLB Division/Wild Card Races Heating up= 14:40-30:25

(Bens Breakdown) NFL Preseason Talk= 30:25-46:30

College Football Preview= 46:30-51:14

Cristiano Ronaldo= 51:14-54:08


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