The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 14: USA is #1, NFL Vaccine Talk, and Field of Dreams Game

The US dominates the summer Olympics once again as people doubted them at the beginning of the games. Today we will dive into the US dominance basketball as both the women's and men's teams win gold again. The US women's soccer team wins bronze, and the men's baseball and softball team wins silver. As the COVID19 cases continue to rise, the boys will discuss whether the NFL should be enforcing players to get vaccinated or not. Players like Deandre Hopkins, Cam Newton, and many others have not got vaccinated and risk their teams getting infected. In Bens Breakdown, Ben will update you with more NBA Signing and talk about the NHL free agency. It is now August, and the NFL preseason has begun. Ben will talk about the early favorites and ask the boys who are going to win their divisions. Many early favorites like the Bills, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Cowboys will be discussed as well. Ben will finally admit that the Red Sox are in trouble, and the boys will look at the thriller that happened in a cornfield in Iowa. But lastly, the boys will pick three of the most inspiring athletes to them.

Intro= 0:27-1:22

US Tops The Medal Account Again!!!= 1:22-10:00

NFL Vaccine Talk= 10:00-25:36

(Bens Breakdown)

NBA Free Agency= 25:36-33:13

NHL Free Agency: 33:13-35:30

NFL Preseason Begins= 35:30-44:40

NFL Division Predictions= 44:40-56:56

MLB/Field Of Dreams= 56:56-1:13:20

Draft Of Most Inspiring Athletes= 1:13:20-1:20:33


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