Tactics to Secure Sports Scholarships - EP18 w/Tessa Berger

Tessa Berger began her sports journey at the tender age of 5 when she began playing soccer. She went on to become the youngest person ever, male or female to play and score in the Premier League, New Zealand's top flight senior competition at just 11 years of age. From there she competed as an NCAA Division I athlete and represented New Zealand at the FIFA Women's World Cup. Not content with only being an athlete,  Tessa also serves as Director of Athletics for the global education company, Crimson Education, a high growth edtech company that is revolutionising the way students learn. In this episode Brandon and Tessa the discuss the many challenges faced by aspiring professional athletes of today. Tessa gives listeners insight into her own path for success and shares tips that may help other young athletes achieve their goals.

You can read more about Tessa Berger and her story here at https://www.tessaberger.com/

0:00-1:26 Introduction to Guest Speaker

1:26-2:20 Tips for Getting Scholarships

2:20-3:10 Do People Really Get Scouted?

3:10-5:49 What is Academic Funding and What is its Importance?

5:49-7:52 Getting Professional Help for Scholarships

7:52-12:09 Creating a Well Rounded Application

12:09-14:37 Setting Goals as a Young Athlete

14:37-16:58 How Scholarships Vary Country to Country

16:58-19:45 Challenges of Competing as a Young Athlete

19:45-21:28 Why Athletes Need a Backup Plan

21:28-22:52 Other Careers in Athletics

22:52-25:20 Challenges of Being a Woman in Sports

25:20-29:18 How Support for Athletes Has Changed Through the Years

29:18-31:20 The Reality of Making it to a Professional/Collegiate Level

31:20-33:19 Do Athletes Make a lot of Money?

33:19-34:47 Misconceptions of Being a Professional Athlete

34:47-38:22 Tips on Performance in Sports

38:22-40:22 Support Systems During Tough Times

40:22-42:40 Common Mistakes Young Athletes Make

42:40-44:17 Final Thoughts

Description written by Dylan Chambers.

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