The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 10: NBA Finals/Stanley Cup Talk, NC State Goes Home, and Olympics Hype

As the NBA Conference Finals are approaching in the middle games of the series, the Atlanta Hawks look to tie up the series at 2-2; however, they miss their superstar player Tre Young. Jonny, Elliott, and Ben will talk about whether the Milwaukee Bucks can take advantage of that and take complete control of the series. In the western conference, the Las Angeles Clippers stayed alive in game 5 in Phoenix Suns with a big performance by Paul George. Today we will talk about how Paul George can redeem himself in the playoffs and has the chance to bring the Clippers back from a 3-1 deficit in the series. The Stanley Cup has now begun as the red-hot Montreal Canadians upset the superteam Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL playoffs. We will discuss whether the Canadians are outmatched against the Bolts and even have a chance in the series as they lost 4-1 in game 1. Jonny will announce his new favorite NHL hockey in today's episode, which will surprise you when you listen. In NCAA news, one week after the Supreme Court granted NCAA players to be paid, the NC State baseball team has been kicked out of the tournament due to eight players testing positive for COVID19. It has led to many controversies as the entire baseball team had been vaccinated. We will determine how unfair the NCAA has been. After postponing the Olympics to 2021, many people look forward to the upcoming games at the end of July. We will talk about the US basketball team and analyze the roster, in which we will determine how good the team is. Can any other teams beat the US? Ben will bring up the excitement of some new sports: climbing, karate, skateboarding, and surfing. In Bens's breakdown, he will talk about Las Vegas Raiders player Carl Nassib open up to being gay and set an example for other gay athletes. Ben will talk about his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, and talk about pitcher Garrett Richards who gave up five runs in the first two innings. In the middle of the game, Richards changed the way he pitched, and today the boys will determine how that happened. The third issue is Flyers goalie Carter Hart, who had a great rookie year but then had a sophomore slump his second season. He will determine why Hart had a down year and discuss the psychological aspects of being a goaltender in the NHL. Ben will bring up the last topic on the new NBA coach hirings in which the boys will debate where Damian Lillard will end up in the 2021-22 season. Lastly, the boys will have a five-round fantasy draft on the best players in the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Intro= 0:27-1:13

NBA Conference Finals= 1:13-12:37

NHL Stanley Cup/Kraken Fanship= 12:37-26:10

NC State Baseball Kicked Out Of Tourney= 26:10-35:36

Olympics Talk= 35:36-49:35

Carl Nassib Comes Out= 49:35-50:35

Garrett Richards Changes His Pitching Style Mid-Game=50:35-54:12

Carter Hart's Mental Health= 54:12-1:01:24

NBA Head Coach Hirings/Damian Lillard Trade Rumors= 1:01:24-1:04:50

Fantasy Draft of Best NBA players In Playoffs= 1:04:50-1:14:00


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