Our Story

The founder of Mind-Design Sports, Brandon, has always been physically active and loves sports, playing basketball and running track for many years. He is also very interested in psychology and its applications in everyday life, particularly cognitive and social psychology. Like many other student-athletes, Brandon never realized that the mental game is as crucial as the physical game in giving athletes an edge in sports performance. This is the reason he created Mind-Design Sports, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, combining his interests to help athletes improve their bodies and minds in sports. Unlike other organizations, Mind-Design Sports is designed by teens, for teens and kids. With social distancing in place, this online platform is especially relevant to provide the attention and resources that student-athletes need to set themselves up for success. Design your best sports experience using the power of the mind!

Mind” comes from the Latin word “mens,” which refers to logic and reasoning. Think strategically when playing!

Design” comes from the Latin word “designare,” which means to draw a plan. Use sport psychology techniques to develop a plan for peak performance.

Sport" comes from the Old French word “desport,” which means leisure. Remember that sports are supposed to be for fun!

Our Mission

Most athletes aim to compete at the highest levels by physically training to a great extent. However, the impact of mental training and the mind’s ability to design sports outcomes is just as important. Mind-Design Sports, a for-impact organization, is operated by teenagers from across the world, providing monthly blog posts and podcasts with professional guest speakers specifically for teenagers and kids to perform optimally as well as a unique mentorship program where young athletes can connect with older mentor athletes for free advice all online. 

Mind-Design Sports hopes that its platform will bring greater awareness to sport psychology and that its brand becomes well-known by all young athletes.

Our Core Values


We thrive through recognizing one another’s strengths. To us, collaboration means listening and evolving together, supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal: namely, helping athletes achieve peak performance. Cooperating allows everyone to contribute their unique ideas, with confidence and pride. Through these ideas, we take action and ultimately elevate Mind-Design Sports.

In sports and at Mind-Design Sports, collaboration is key to winning, and we feel greater strength through each other.

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At Mind-Design Sports, we strive for excellence in all that we do. True excellence requires that each and every individual works and learns in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our team of high school and college students from numerous states and countries leads us to encourage and value team members with different ideas, locations, and backgrounds. We recognize that our differences make us stronger.

In sports and at Mind-Design Sports, utilizing members’ strengths to the maximum potential and balancing out each others’ weaknesses lead to victory.


Inspiration & Empowerment

We lead by example by choosing to be mentally engaged with the matter at hand rather than simply being there. Mind-Design Sports gives team members responsibility and control so that we can innovate and encourage others. We try to influence each other to actualize our points of awesomeness and to reflect that in our work.

In sports and at Mind-Design Sports, we pick each other up off the ground when adversity hits and boost each other’s confidence.

Our Primary Partners