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“I wish something like Mind-Design Sports was around when I was playing high school ball. The mental aspect of the game is so important and highly overlooked, and I think MDS does a fantastic job bringing on experienced guests in sport psychology, giving the best advice for any athlete looking to improve their performance! I would highly recommend MDS’s page; from blog posts, to graphics, to podcasts, they have it all!”

— Perry Quartuccio: D3 College Athlete & Podcast Speaker

“One of the most unique organizations that provide great content on a frequent basis; I have never seen something like this. I don’t think a lot of people understand how incredible Mind-Design is.”

— Rolan Beischel: Middle School Tennis Player

“A secret gem and key to winning for our team.”

— M.K: Varsity High School Basketball Coach

“The website is professional and simultaneously student-friendly since the tips provided are very easy to absorb.”

— J. Higgins: High School Sprinter

“Before finding MDS, I thought all my problems were physical and training-wise. But after finding this resource, I have not only learned about how important the mental game is but this website has helped me with common problems like boosting confidence.”

— B.L: High School Tri-Athlete