Being a Female in Sports, Soccer, & Goalkeeping - EP12 w/Nicole Barnhart

Statistics indicate female athletes are still discriminated against in the sports industry, and because of this, some give up on their careers. However, the fact remains that there are a variety of ways to boost one’s confidence as a female athlete. The purpose of today’s podcast is to hear from Nicole Barnhart, a U.S. soccer goalkeeper who played for the boys’ soccer team and has been participating in sports that have enabled her to build her self-esteem and confidence as a female athlete. Hope our athletes enjoy this!

Nicole’s Website

Nicole’s Twitter

0:00-0:59 = Introduction of our Guest Speaker, Nicole Barnhart

1:00-2:49 = Nicole’s Background in Sports and Experience in Sports Psychology

2:50-4:30 = Pros and Cons of Playing with a Different Gender

4.31-6.24 = Advice for Female Athletes Feeling Discouraged to Play Sports in Which Men Dominate

6:25-8:18 = Juggling Between Sports and Academics

8:19-9:05 = Managing Your Time

9:06-10:23 = Importance of Academics

10:24-12:04 = Sources and Forms of Motivation

12:05-15:04 = Importance of Mental Health

15:05-16:12 = Preparing Before a Game

16:13-17:23 = Gaining Confidence

17:24-18:23 = The Greater Responsibility: ‘Club team’ or ‘National team’

18:24-20:18 = Dealing with Pressure

20:19-22:45 = A Brief Overview about Nicole Barnhart Academy

22:46-25:04 = Nicole’s Experience as a Coach and a Player

25:05-26:58 = Approaching Sports in a Competitive World

26:59-28:42 = Finding your Confidence as a Victim of Sexism

28:43-30:40 = Role of Motivation in the Performance of a Professional Athlete

30:41-32:26 = The Quote Nicole Lives By and Why

32:27-33:59 = Importance of Teammates to a Positive Performance

34:00-36:04 = Relationship with Goalkeepers and Other Teammates

36:05-37:52 = Dealing with Blame

37:53-40:12 = Concluding

Description done by Temilade Agboola

Questions done by Rosalia Mwidege, Amirkhan Amanzholov, and Haseeb Isamali



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