Mind-Design Sports
Athlete Connection Program

Connect with a mentor for anything sports-related - totally free and virtual

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For those of you who want more interactive help, Mind-Design Sports connects elementary and middle school students with high school and college athletes who serve as mentors.

We understand that not every athlete has the means or ability to have a coach and mentor. With this program, younger athletes that want to improve their game and get guidance and feedback will have the opportunity to do that with someone that has been in his or her shoes.

Also, mentees will have the ability to improve their transition experience into higher grade levels. Our program is unique because it is totally virtual our mentors are current students; who would better understand an elementary and middle school student than a student who has just gone through the same experiences not too long ago? With a smaller age gap and informal setting, mentees will be more comfortable sharing their concerns.

Our worldwide mentors (United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, China, etc) and have experience in numerous sports, allowing for personalized guidance. All are committed to the Mind-Design Sports mission of helping athletes improve on and off the court and volunteer their time to support an athlete’s sprouting journey to high school. They are well-equipped to emphasize the mental side of the game and its importance: they will provide psychological tips and insights unique to solving common problems if needed.

If you are interested in being paired with a mentor, fill out the request form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We will match you with the mentor that fits you best. But rest assured, if you don’t feel it’s a good match, let us know and we’ll help you find one that’s a better fit.

For any questions regarding this specific mentorship program, reach out to Mentorship@mind-designsports.org