Nutrition and Sports: The Healthy Relationship - EP11 w/Leslie Bonci

In today's podcast, Brandon has a conversation with a sports nutrition expert, Leslie Bonci, who mainly focuses on active eating and fueling for sport. In today's sports community, wrong beliefs about correct nutrition lead to much confusion among professionals. Leslie will take us on a journey on the different types of nutrition we need, and at the same time, will break common stereotypes about what we eat.

Time Stamps:

0:00-0:57 = Getting to know our guest speaker, Leslie Bonci.

2:57-7:45 = How does someone become a successful nutritionist?

7:50-9:25 = How do we treat our body right?

9:28-10:58 = Is veganism among young athletes ideal?

11:00-12:50 = Psychology and nutrition: how do they correlate?

12:54-14:53 = What kind of an impact has COVID-19 had on our nutrition?

14:55-16:53 = How accurate do films portray our diet?

16:57-21:36 = The benefits of eating processed food and its impact on a busy lifestyle. Solutions?

21:37-27:53 = Potential motivations and tips to convince young athletes to incorporate a better diet into their lives.

27:55-29:26 = If a young athlete makes one change in their nutrition, what should it be?

Description done by Alper


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