How to Overcome Mental Health Problems During The Pandemic - EP 28 w/ Jarrod Spencer

In this podcast, Brandon chats with Jarrod Spencer, who serves as the sports psychologist for several professional teams and individual athletes. The mental health of numerous athletes was affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and Jarrod explains the different impacts of the lockdown while also making recommendations on how to benefit from this at home.

0:00-1:06 = Introduction of our guest for this podcast: Jarrod Spencer

1:07-1:52 = What are some of the complex mental health problems athletes face during the pandemic?

1:58-2:52 = Does getting in shape help reduce the amount of anxiety?

3:04-6:47 = How do we cope with demotivation caused by the pandemic?

7:05-8:35 = To what extent does the lack of organized sports affect athletes and is there any remedy?

8:44-11:25 = What are the proper ways to find meaningful connectedness, and does it have any benefits?

11:26-15:42 = What are the impacts of the “pause” in sports caused by the pandemic?

15:48-18:34 = What is the difference between a clear mind and a focused mind?

18:36-21:31 = What are some mental health problems that can be seen in sport, how do they affect an athlete?

21:33-24:54 = What is a “strain relationship”, how does it affect an athlete, what can be done to prevent it?

24:55-28:54 = YouTube channel recommendations and final advice from our guest’s book.

Description done by Alper


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