The Mindset to The Olympics - EP17 w/George Steffey

In a match or even during practice, we get along with different situations with allows us to have better skills. Also, in situations like injuries where our mindset is key in the recovering process. In today's podcast, we get along with George Steffey, an experienced and professional ski athlete, and he will give some tips on controlling and setting the right mindset in these different situations.

Time Stamps: 

00:00-1:40 = Introductions and Presentation Of Today's Guest.

1:40-3:24 = How To Manage Classes and Time As an Athlete?

3:24-5:45 = The Differences in Mindset Between Individual And Team Sports.

5:45-7:25  = George's Experience In Skiing.

7:25-10:20 = The Influence Of Mindset For Getting The Best Performance.

10:20-12:14 = What Mindsets Could Be Useful For You?

12:14-14:03 = George's Injury and How A Certain Mindset Affects Recovery.

14:03-17:41 = Training in The Pandemic.

17:41-24:14 = Dealing With Pressure.

24:14-26:04 = How To Improve Your Mindset.

26:04-29:09 = Handle The Insides Of Recognition.

29:09-31:04 = Learning As an Athlete + Conclusion.


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