How to Flow into The State of Flow - EP5 w/Perry Quartuccio

Perry gives advice for athletes that play tight around their parents and his favorite breathing techniques ("Box Breathing" and "4-7-8 Breathing"). He also discusses his book "Reaching Home Plate" and how to get into the "zone," otherwise known as "flow."   

Time Stamps:

0:00-0:58 = Introductions of Today's Guest, Perry.

0:58-3:32 = What is the State of "Flow"?

3:32-5:44 = The Benefits of Flow.

5:44-6:28 = Can I Be a Successful Athlete Using Flow?

6:28-7:46 = Attaining Success with Mental and Physical Training.

7:46-12:14 = Perry's Book, Reaching Home Plate.

12:14-13:24 = Google Drive Resources For You!

13:24-17:25 = Are Young Athletes Pressured By Their Parents?

17:25-18:08 = How Parents' Pressure Affects Getting Into the Flow State.

18:08-21:38 = Books and Podcast Recommendations For Athletes.

21:38-22:34 = Tips for Better Mental Performance in Sports.

22:34-25:35 = Very Useful Relaxation Techniques to Counter Stress.

25:35-28:18 = Conclusion.

Connect with Perry:

Instagram @_perryquartuccio

Twitter @PerryQuartuccio

Below are links to the many resources he recommends:

Perry's Mental Performance/Keys to Success Google Drive Folder

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success By Carol Dweck (check out our podcast with Josh Summers where he talks about the Growth Mindset LINK IT )

Dr. Robert Gilbert’s success hotline phone number: 973-743-4690 (2 minutes of daily motivation through voicemail). Also, you can check out Dr. Gilbert's past success hotlines.



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