Training vs. Trusting Mindset - EP2 w/Dr. Pete Kadushin


Brandon and Dr. Kadushin discuss the “practice vs performance mindset,” also known as “training vs trusting mindset.” Listen to this podcast to learn why winning practice is bad. Read our blog to understand why you perform better in practice compared to in competitive situations. Check out Dr. K's website if you’re interested in improving your performance. He has blogs and information that is relevant to sports. Currently, he coaches athletes online.

Time Stamps:

0:00-2:12 = Introducing Our Guest Speaker, Dr. Pete Kadushin

2:12-3:31 = Attending to Physical and Mental Training

3:31-7:00 = Specifics on Training Your Mind

7:00-9:05 = The Continuous Process of Mental Training

9:05-12:55 = Practice vs. Performance Mindsets

12:55-15:01 = Learning to Fail in Practice

15:01-17:13 = Developing a Trusting Mindset

17:13-23:56 = Explaining the Four Core Skills of Peak Performance

23:56-25:21 = The Intricacies of Energy Management

25:21-27:14 = Why is Happiness Important for Athletes?

27:14-29:05 = What Are the Merits of Letting Anger Fuel Your Performance?

29:05-30:52 = Getting Out of a Slump

30:52-33:51 = Commitment and The Mentality of Win or Die (Don't Commit Arson, Kids)

33:51-37:45 = Common Problems Young Athletes Might Face

37:45-41:12 = Dr. Kadushin's Final Thoughts

41:12-42:03 = Outro

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Dr. K’s Instagram - AllDayDrK

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