Positivity & Determination - EP6 w/Dr. Paul Semendinger


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Dr. Paul Semendinger has worked with kids for 20+ years as a teacher and principal. An insightful and motivational speaker for all ages, he talks about determination and provides tons of wisdom to use in sports and in life. Dr. Sem talks about the idea of “Kintsugi”; what to do when you don’t perform well; and how to stay positive in the face of rejection. He offers helpful mottos to keep in mind and tips for juggling many activities

Time Stamps:

0:00-1:30 = Introduction of Guest Speaker Dr. Paul Semendinger

1:30-2:54 = Mental Components That Are Important for Success in Sports

2:54-4:40 = What Does Failure Look Like in Sports?

4:40-5:53 = On Dr. Sem's Book, Impossible is an Illusion

5:53-7:59 = Advice on Staying Positive 98% of the Time

7:59-10:05 = Advice on Staying Positive For Young Athletes

10:05-13:52 = The Story of Kintsugi

13:52-16:51 = Staying Positive in the Face of Rejection

16:51-19:21 = Recognising When to Cut Our Losses

19:21-22:54 = Anyone Can Run A Marathon: Any Goal can be Achieved

22:54-24:04 = Making Time To Do Everything You Want To Do

24:04-25:42 = Mottos and Quotes to Live By

25:42-28:17 = More Tips for Kids Juggling a Lot of Activities

28:17-29:12 = Lessons On Determination From Kids

29:12-31:09 = Dr. Sem's Last Words of Advice

31:09-31:44 = Outro



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