Performing for Better Skills: Manage Your Energy - EP 25 w/Emily Galvin

As athletes, we are faced with different kinds of situations every day. These situations may apply unnecessary stress to our lives, whether they concern our teams, coaches, or even ourselves. An important factor in success through these situations is the way you manage your energy. Your energy management strategy can make a drastic difference when tackling problems and striving for a healthier and more productive life. Today we invite Dr. Emily Galvin, a certified mental skills trainer and performance consultant, to ask about how can we effectively manage our energy for performing good skills, covering topics from mental health to sleeping routines.

0:00-2:36 = Introduction of our guest speaker, Emily Galvin

2:36-6:10 = What is Energy Management?

6:10-7:46 = Arousal and Connecting Energy Management to Yourself.

7:46-10:04 = Improving our Lifestyle with Energy Management.

10:04-16:44 = How Does Mentally and Physical Energy Affect Your Skills?

16:44- 20:02 = Energy Management through Yoga & Meditation.

20:02-27:00 = The Science Behind How Sleep Affects Energy.

27:00-32:06 = Sports Addiction and its Relation to Energy.

32:06-38:20 = Personal Experiences of Emily.

38:20-42:30 = Brain Activation During "The Zone."

42:30-47:29 = Concluding

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


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