Hinging Moments On Mental Toughness - EP10 w/Dr. Rob Bell

We've all been there- a tragic moment, a failure so utter it seems to change us completely. Or perhaps it's the conversation, so innocuous at the time, that in hindsight was pivotal to the direction of our lives. How do we know when a moment is about to change our lives, and how can recognizing those moments shape our mental landscape? On the other hand, how do we keep cool under pressure when we're out on the court, the field, the stage? Dr. Rob Bell, a sports psychology coach and author of six books including 2020's PUKE & RALLY: It's not about the Setback, It's about the Comeback, speaks to us about the importance of these "Hinge Moments", and shares tips and stories for maintaining mental toughness as an athlete.

Time Stamps:

0:00-3:44 = Introduction of guest speaker Dr. Rob Bell
3:44-4:45 = What Does It Mean to be a Coach?
4:45-5:29 = The Meaning of Mental Toughness
5:29-8:33 = Achieving the Right Mental State to Perform Under Pressure
8:33-10:03 = Coaching a Team vs. Coaching an Individual
10:03-14:42 = Dr. Bell's Personal Experience: The Story Behind "Puke and Rally"
14:42-16:17 = Books and the Meaning of Rallying
16:17-20:39 = On Hinge Moments and Their Role in Mental Toughness
20:39-21:43 = Takeaways from Dr. Bell's Other Books
21:43-23:35 = Why Everyone is an Athlete
23:35-23:46 = Competing Against Your Own Mind
23:46-25:12 = Dr. Bell's Own Podcast- 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness
25:12-26:06 = How to Stay Consistent After Success
26:06-27:42 = Pleased but Not Satisfied: Maintaining Humility
27:42-28:37 = Factors that Hinder Performance
28:37-29:42 = The NO FEAR Acronym
29:42-30:50 = People to Rally Around
30:50-31:57 = Why Extrovertism Has Nothing to do With How You Play
31:57-32:30 = Dr. Bell's Sage Advice
32:30-33:02 = Outro

Rob's Website: https://drrobbell.com/

Rob’s Book: PUKE & RALLY

Rob's 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/15-minutes-of-mental-toughness/id1370459051

Description done by Iliana Rong

Questions done by Brandon Shitnani, Alinur Jaboldinov, and Amirkhan Amanzholov

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