Balancing Your Plate: Eating Well as an Athlete - EP30 w/Cynthia Sass

We've all heard that saying: you are what you eat. As athletes, we place a lot of emphasis on physical health alongside mental health, and a healthy body must be nourished. Today, we sit down with nutritionist Cynthia Sass to discuss the ways the right eating habits can optimize your physicality, as well as how to improve your diet. To find answers to any additional questions, visit

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0:00-2:45 = Introduction of our Guest Speaker, Cynthia Sass

2:45-5:13 = Comparing Nutritional Challenges for Professional Athletes in Different Sports

5:13-10:19 = How Metabolism Affects Sports Performance

10:19-12:32 = Debunking the Myth of a Diet of Exclusively Green Foods

12:32-14:05 = Making Healthy Food More Appetising

14:05-17:34 = The Importance of Fiber

17:34-20:02 = Recommending Diets for Student-Athletes

20:02-20:22 = Explaining Specific Diet Trends: Keto and Paleo

20:22-23:47 = Cravings and Listening to Your Body vs. Listening to Your Mind

23:47-26:01 = An Underrated Superfood

26:01-28:03 = Explaining Meal Prepping and Its Benefits

28:03-29:30 = Are There Bad Sources of Protein?

29:30-30:24 = Suggestions for Healthy Meals

30:24-31:51 = The Structure of a Healthy Meal

31:51-33:36 = More Methods for Making Icky Foods More Palatable

33:36-34:55 = Writing for

34:55-42:10 = Cynthia's Best Nutritional Advice

42:10-42:51 = Outro

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