Controlling The Controllables & Tennis - EP23 w/Josh Burger

In this podcast, we have a conversation with a professional tennis coach, Josh Burger. Josh has experience working with many athletes. Now, he is an assistant tennis professional at the international Hall Of Fame. In today's Podcast, Josh and Brandon talk about the importance of psychological control and give some suggestions in some aspects of the game, tips on unique occasions where one can get confused, comparison of individual sports like tennis versus team sports like basketball. Also, the importance of those techniques will be mentioned with some background knowledge about sport and psychology.

0:00-1:12 = Intro.

2:28-6:36 = Why Controlling the Controlables is So Important?

6:36-10:47 = How to Block Negative Information If it is Impossible?

10:47-12:58 = Different factors of Controlling the Controlables.

12:58-18:38 = How to Prepare Mentally If Opponents are Stronger than You?

18:38-20:40 = How to deal with the pressure on the field? Is Pressure an Uncontrollable?

20:40-24:45 = Is Tennis More Challenging than Other Sports Spheres or Not?

24:45-32:21 = How to Control the Emotions?

32:21-34:44 = Advice.

34:44-36:20 = Josh's Podcast.

36:20-38:26 = Misconceptions Of Sport Psychology.

38:26-42:19 = Advice for the Podcast.

42:19-42:40 = Outro

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