Being Asian in Sports & The NBA - EP16w/Carlo Singson

Sports is not just about the physical aspect. The mental and psychological aspect is very important as well. Research has shown that sports improve concentration and boosts self-confidence. Today, we invite Carlo Singson, an ex-vice president and managing director of the NBA Philippines and a sports media and entertainment enthusiast, who is passionate about the way platforms can be used to bring people together, to speak to us about the importance of an athlete’s mental health, the NBA, and social media. Emma Pollet also joins the podcast with Brandon to talk to Carlo. Also, they talk about being from an Asian background in the sports world. Hope our athletes find this interesting!

Time Stamps:

0:00-1:09 = Introduction of Guest Speaker, Carlo Singson

1:10-3:58 = Carlo’s work as an Ex Managing Director of the NBA Philippines

3:59-5:45 = Using marketing techniques for your game

5:46-9:06 = Mental Preparation of Athletes

9:07-11:46 = Role of Junior NBA in marketing the NBA

11:47-13:42 = Dealing with Pressure

13:43-15:31 = Why Sports Management?

15:32-17:28 = Tips for working in the NBA

17:29-19:48 = Setting Goals, Big or Small

19:49-23:01 = Carlo’s goals in the NBA

23:02-25:31 = Carlo’s view of Sports

25:32-28:43 = Importance of Networking

28:44-30:00 = Role of one’s background in a Sports World

30:01-32:53 = Impact of Diverse Communities

32:54-35:08 = Benefits of Social Media

35:09-36:38 = Importance of a player’s Mental State

36:39-38:30 = Mental aspect of Young Athletes

38:31-40:02 = Coping with Pressure

40:03-42:26 = Carlo’s view on the Mental side of Sports

42:27-42:59 = Concluding

Description done by Temilade


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