How to Chase Your Goals in Sports Part 2 - EP14 w/Bryce Strecker

Bryce Strecker has a background in various sports which include football, golf, basketball, and baseball. Bryce has been studying Mental Training techniques. He is the founder of Strecker Sport Psychology. In this second part of the podcast, Bryce will talk about confidence versus and motivation, the importance of routines, and a lesson every athlete should know. Hope you enjoyed this two-part series with an experienced guest!

Time Stamps:

39:27-47:06 = How not to lose Motivation and Get good Results

47:06-50:57 = Be Motivated or Be Confident

50:57-54:29 = Tips to Maintain Balance

54:29-1:06:00 = Goal Setting and Routines

1:06:00-1:10:01 = Advice for Young Athletes

1:10:01-1:12:14 = Most important Lesson as an Athlete


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