How to Chase Your Goals in Sports Part 1 - EP13 w/Bryce Strecker

Bryce Strecker has a background in various sports which include football, golf, basketball, and baseball. Bryce has been studying Mental Training techniques. He is the founder of Strecker Sport Psychology. In this podcast, Bryce will talk about how to mentally train, common mistakes in coaching, and how to reach your goals in the sport. Also, he will talk about common athlete’s mistakes. Don't forget to listen to part 2 of this!

Time Stamps:

0:00-2:06 = Introduction of our Guest Speaker, Bryce Strecker

2:06-5:22 = What is Holistic Approach and Why do we need this

5:22-8:43 = Relationship between Teammates and Trainers

8:43-14:41 = Coaching Experience which helps to Understand the Mentality of Athletes better

14:41-16:46 = What did you figure out as a Coach on Mistakes that you did when you were an Athlete

16:46-19:43 = Common Blocks in Athletes Developing

19:43-23:32 = How to deal with the Pressure of Competition

23:32-30:28 = What is the blueprint to building an elite Athlete

30:28-35:35 = What is Personal Philosophy?

35:35-36:57 = What work need to do to play Successfully at the College level

36:57-39:27 = Support of Close People during the Game

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