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Every other Sunday (bi-weekly), you will have a chance to ask us any questions on our Instagram story that you’d like to be answered. We’ll post our response here in 1-2 days!


This week’s question (from Anonymous):

How do I not lose interest in a team sport, especially when I am playing with better teammates?

“A team is as strong as its weakest link,” is a common quote used by many coaches to help humble a team and help grow unity within a team. Many athletes lose interest and motivation for a sport from time to time especially if one feels like they are that weak link on the team. However, just because you feel like the weakest link on your team doesn’t mean that’s necessarily true! There are areas in which people are stronger and weaker and balancing those strengths to help each other's weak points is what makes a good team become a great team. 

The biggest thing for sport is having a good mentality, and there comes great admiration and respect to people who think their teammates are better than them. This demonstrates that you are a humble person and recognize your own flaws which means you also know that you can grow and improve in different areas. Having a “growth mindset” is the belief that one can grow and improve on one’s abilities over time. Practice is key to helping you grow that self-confidence in your own ability and believe in yourself. With enough practice, you can even get to the same level as your teammates and/or even surpass them! 


Prior Weeks’ Questions

March 13th’s Question (from lil.bliophile):

How much time do you need to spend doing sports in order to maintain your health?


The CDC recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise (walking, cleaning, etc.) and 75 minutes of vigorous physical exercise (running, volleyball, etc.) each week. That, however, is the minimum. Exercising anywhere from one to two hours a day through moderate to vigorous activity is highly recommended. This could be going to the gym and doing strength training or playing flag football with friends! In going out and exercising you are releasing hormones that help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as helping decrease stress and feeling of energy!