Performance for Better Skills: Commitment and its Effect on Mental Health - EP19 w/Angus Mugford

Commitment, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. In order to perform well in sports, one needs to be fully committed and show a lot of passion. Today, we invite Angus Mug, a director of health performance for over 15 years, whose main focus is to help people reach their mental potential, to speak to us about the importance of commitment for high sports performance. Hope our athletes find this inspiring!

0:00-1:14 = Introduction of Guest Speaker, Angus Mug

1:15-5:02 = Lessons Angus learnt from US Military

5:03-7:47 = How to remain Focused as an Athlete

7:48-11:24 = Dealing with Fear

11:25-15:20 = Understanding the line between ‘Unhealthy’ and ‘Pushing one’s self’

15:21-17:48 = What is High Performance?

17:49-20:02 = Famous athletes Angus worked with

20:03-22:05 = Experience with top athletes

22:06-24:51 = Commitment, Natural talent, or Routine?

24:52-26:01 = Difference between Commitment and Routine

26:02-28:40 = Uniqueness of Baseball compared to other Sports

28:41-31:04 = Pros and Cons of playing in the Minor League

31:05-34:21 = How Travelling affects Mental Health

34:22-36:33 = Common Mental weaknesses and Solutions

36:34-38:39 = Piece of advice to Young Athletes

40:44-41:08 = Concluding

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Description done by Temilade Agboola


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