Tennis Talk, Mental Slumps, & Consistency - EP15 w/Alan Hua

Establishing a bar and maintaining consistency as an athlete can be very difficult especially as a young one in high school. In this episode, Brandon is joined by Alan Hua, a highly ranked tennis player from New Jersey. They talk about some of the challenges associated with being a young athlete with such a high rank as well as struggles in maintaining consistency. A great sport psychology technique, breathing in colors, is also discussed

Time Stamps:

0:24-1:20 Introduction of guest

1:21-2:12 Effect of covid on guest’s career

2:13-3:18 Time management between school and sport

3:19-4:15 Online schooling experience

4:16-5:39 A day in Alan's life

5:40-6:53 Life outside of tennis and school

6:54-9:27 The transition from middle school to high school as an athlete

9:28-10:50 Factors that influenced guest’s career in tennis

10:51-11:56 The USTA and how it works

11:57- 13:05 The benefit of international exposure

13:06-14:17 Impact of fame

14:18-15:57 Preventing complacency and maintaining consistency

15:58-17:55 Experience with sports psychology

17:56-20:28 Experiencing mental ‘slumps’ as an athlete

20:29-22:53 Pre-match routines

22:54-24:16 Breathing in colors

24:17- 27:42 Benefits of sports psychology

27:43- 29:32 Importance of sports

29:33- 32:08 Sponsorship and its influence on the athlete

32:09- 35:03Advice for young athletes

35:04-36:38 A routine that benefits athletes

36:39- 38:21 Advice for athletes during the pandemic

38:22- 40:44 Best advice received

40:45 -42:17 Future goals

42:18- 43:44 Additional comments

Description written by Verona Odhiambo.

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