Photography in the Sports Industry - EP 27 w/ Billie Weiss

When one thinks about sports, there is a good chance that certain players or teams come to mind. However, one underlooked, but also very important, aspect of the sports industry is photography. A wide range of lessons can come from the artistic side of sports, many of which can not be learned in athletics. Today, Brandon speaks with professional sports photographer Billie Weiss to explore the world of sports photography.

0:00-2:19 = Introduction to Guest Speaker Billie Weiss

2:19-6:10 = Benefits and Diversity in Sports Photography

6:10-9:30 = What is the difference between an average sports fan and a sports photographer?

9:30-12:44 = Similarities and differences between professional athletes and younger athletes

12:44-16:10 = The Mental Side of Photography

16:10-17:57 = Creative Exploration in Photography

17:57-22:03 = How Photography Connects to Social Media

22:03-27:40 = Weiss’s Plans for the Future

27:40-29:29 = Weiss’s Most Important Message to Young Athletes

29:29-31:14 = Conclusion

Below are some of the many remarkable photographs taken by Weiss:

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