The Mental Side of Race Car Driving - Episode 31 w/ Aditya Swaminathan

Race car driving can be one of the most dangerous sports out there, so having a sharp mental game is important at all levels of the sport’s competition. Today, Brandon talks with Aditya Swaminathan, a professional 18-year-old race car driver from Bengaluru, India, to discuss his perspective behind the wheel.


0:00 - 4:28 - What is your background in race car driving? What is the format of race car driving competitions?

4:28 - 6:16 - What sets apart race car driving from other traditional sports?

6:16 - 8:54 - How do you prepare for race car competitions?

8:54 - 14:44 - What was your experience in the Volkswagen Polo Cup?

14:44 - 18:17 - How have you responded to adversity in your career so far?

18:17 - 19:07 - Have you had any significant accidents?

19:07 - 20:11 - What are your major takeaways from racecar driving?

20:11 - 28:04 - What is AS41 marketing, and how does it relate to race car driving?

28:04 - 30:21 - What would you say to younger generations as a final piece of advice?

Below are several images of Aditya’s races:

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