Our podcasts will complement the blog posts and provide greater insight into the highlighted topic. The host, Brandon Shintani, will be chatting with guest speakers ranging from student-athletes to professionals who specialize in sport psychology, mental training, and performance enhancement. Some notable guests on the show include Ron White (2 Time USA Memory Champion) and Graham Betchart (NBA Trainer). If you want to learn about the mental aspect of sports, this is the podcast for you!

Mind-Design Sports also has another podcast called the Sport Mind Avenue Podcast. The hosts, Jonny Mondo and Elliott Steinberg, discuss current events happening in the sports world as well as the mental impacts these events can have on athletes and their surrounding community. They also integrate different psychological segments to end each show such as Q&As, fantasy drafts, and interviews. The episodes aim to break down the big news stories you see each day through a psychological lens for younger athletes. If you want to dive deeper into current sports stories, then this is the podcast for you!

The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 16: The Football Episode and MLB Playoff Update
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The Sport-Mind Avenue Episode 16: The Football Episode and MLB Playoff Update

In Today's Episode, the boys will recap a full week of both NFL and college football. They will first talk about the goods and bads of teams and players from week 1 in the NFL. Mondo will get to roast Ben and Elliott about the Dolphins beating the Patriots. There was a record of nine underdog wins in week 1 from that being the Bengals, Texans, Steelers, and Raiders are some of the teams that got the job done.

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